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Medieval Prejudices
against percussion instruments ...
Sebastian Virdung writes these words about drums in his book: Musica Getutscht (btw the first musicological work ever written in german language)

"These kettle drums are all so stubborn. They make lots of trouble to the honourable and pious elderly people, to the sick and ill, to the devout in the monasteries who do have to read, to study and to pray.
And I believe and hold it for truth that the devil has invented and made them, because there is neither grace nor any good in them ..."

The same dissapproving attitude can be seen in Stefan Lochners painting "Weltgericht"(worlds judgement) from 1435. While the piouse enter paradise with the sounds of harps, lutes. fiddles and psalteries, the damned are taken into hell with kettle drums and accordions - no, not accordions (I just could not resist) and with fire blowing trumpets.

These drums were recorded for the Early Patches library.(There are also some handdrums which are not listed here)
Early Patches Sampling Library