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Early Patches Percussion Instruments
Snareand Small Drum
This snare differs in many ways from the normal pop and rock snares.
The body is relatively light and a special metal wound nylon string is used as snare string.
The small drum does not have a rim similar to the the medieval drums that it is modelled upon.
Both instruments have animal skins to achieve their characeristic sound.
already in the middle ages drums and drummers were not really popular everywhere.
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Sounds Range Comments
Snare Snare G5 (67) with snare string
No Snare A5 (69) without snare string
small drum Mitte G5 (67) beats on center and near the rim of the skin
rim A5 (69)
Instrument Program change and Bank No.
small drum Program 115 - Bank 1
small drum gate Program 115 - Bank 2
Snare Program 118 - Bank 1
Snare gate Program 118 - Bank 2
Wav files of all the beats can be found in the folders:
Percussion Waves\Snare
Percussion Waves\small drum
 Demos :
Pase al Agoa
  The drum soundfont is here combined with a prerecorded roll from the percussion_waves folder.