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Davul- Turkey
The Davul is a turkish bass drum. It is traditionally played with two different beaters: one is a bit heavier to play the bass sounds. the other one is a light branch or twig that makes a banging noise similar to a rimshot. The twig can also be held pressed against the skin to get a snare sound.
Find out what Sebastin Virdung had to say about drums in 1511:
Sounds Range Comments
Davul Zweig2 E5 (65) Twig
Zweig F5 (67)
Center G5 (69) Beat in the center of the drum
Excenter A5 (71) Beat a bit out of the center
rim B5 (73) beat near the rim of the skin rim des skin
Instrument Program change and Bank No.
Davul Program 114 - Bank 1
Davul gate Program 114 - Bank 2
Wav files of all the beats can be found in the folder:
  Percussion Waves\Davul