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The following pages provide a lot of informations about the Early Patches Sampling Library, that is available in different sampler bank formats.
You can
from here.
  • This site contains a complete description of the Libraries contents. This is not only an index but also a comprehensive musicological documentation complete with pictures of every instrument.
  • Some short pieces of music as MP3-files, that have been instrumented exclusively with the sounds of the Early Patches library show the quality and the high potential of the sounds.
  • At last there are four patches in different formats as well as some percussion-samples as unrestricted full versions available for download. This way You can find out for Yourself if the Early Patches are right for You..
    You are of course invited to use these sounds for Your music even if You are not (yet) intending to purchase the Early Patches library. There are links to the download pages from the table of contents.
Please come and see my new Project!
Some Highlights:
  • This unique collection comprises the sounds of 45 different acoustical instruments wich are widely used in the performance of either Early Music and also for World Music.
  • Some of the string instruments and bells were recorded using different playing playing techniques. this results in 52 different multi samples that were used for an even greater number of presets.
  • The instruments were mostly sampled in steps of small thirds and often even narrower to preserve the natural sond of every instrument throughout its whole range.
  • All the samples were painstakingly looped "by hand" to ensure the best achievable results.
  • As an addition to the soundfonts You will find wav files of every drum sound in up to seven different dynamic steps.
  • A very important part of the Early Patches library is the extensive Documentation in HTML format. This is of course a very uncommon feature for a Sampling Library.
    The instruments that I used are mostly quite rare and thus unknown to many of the musicians who will be using these patchfiles . So I decided to include a comprehensive musicological documentation complete with pictures and descriptions of all the instruments instead of the usual scarse and rather undescriptive list of sounds.

Last but not least You will find a number of fine musical demos that may give an impression of the high potential of the sounds.

Feel free to explore the patches provided here and to make a few tracks.
How about trying out a Carparthian-Hip-Hop or a Late Renaissance Techno?

Andreas Sumerauer


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