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Early Patches Sampling Library
Some Pieces of Music
to demonstrate the sound of the Early Patches

Here are some arrangements of early music and also some of my own compositions. I hope You will like them. There aim is to show the quality and the potential of the Early Patches Soundfonts. Most of the pieces are rather short, to keep downloads small.
The speaker leads You to a short description of the piece. You can right click the speaker symbol on that page to save the mp3-file. It can then be played back with any mp3 player like winamp for example

The midi symbol plays the midi arrangement using Your computers midi sounds. that will then sound more or less horrible.
I hope that You will like my music and that it can help You to decide if the Early Patches  library is the right thing for You.

These pieces are in a way supplements to the
Early Patches Sampling Library. But they are nevertheless not free. That means: every use that is not strictly privat needs my written consent. (just ask me. I am a friendly person).

Ach Sorg, du mußt zurücke stahn
    J. Clemens non Papa (ca. 1510-1556)
Alien Ska
    The 47 seconds party
    An improvisation with Tarogato and hand drums directly from the african Carpathian mountans
    Codex Faenza (13th century, Italy)
Ecco La Primavera
    Francesco Landini´s most famous piece (13th century, Italy)
  Ach Elslein
 Moeck     A german folk song in two different instrumentations
set by Ludwig Senfl (1st half 16th century)
  Rather weird folkjazz. After the cittern solo You can hear a bagpipe
Madonna, nui sapimo buon giocare
  A Venetian carnaval song of the renaissance.
Niña y viña
    Cancionero Musical de la Colombina (around 1500)
Not Nonesuch
  An early baroque dance written by myself
Nyckelharpa solo
    Also this is nothing else but the recording of a midi sequence, that has been instrumented with my Soundfont!.
    This Demo was produced with a Multisound Pinnacle soundcard from Turtle Beach. The Kurzweil MA-1 soundchip onboard the card is actually a dedicated Sampler, that allows the programming of very realistic voices.
Pase al Agoa
    Cancionero de Palacio
Quena tune
    A little tune that illustrates the realism achievable with real time filter control
Stella Splendens
    Llibre Vermell de Montserrat