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Early Patches Wind Instruments
Shawm- Eric Moulder

This Shawm with its relatively wide conus and big fingering holes reflects the shapes of the early renaissance. As a reminicence to even earlier times it has a pirouette. this feature is still present in the folk tradition of many countries worldwide. the lips are pressed against the pirouette to ensure a tight closure of the mouth while the reed vibrates freely in the oral cavity. with this playing technique the reed is not controlled by the lips of the player. this makes the sound rather loud and sharp.
The samples were nevertheless recorded using lip control. The Pirouette went out of use in the renaissance. even though some instruments still had it as an ornament.

Sounds Range PC and Bank No.
Shawm Moulder C5 - G6 (60-79) Program 69 - Bank 1
Demos :
Ecco La Primavera
Pase al Agoa
Alien Ska
  This Demo was produced with a Multisound Pinnacle soundcard from Turtle Beach.