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Early Patches String Instruments
Psaltery- Andreas Sumerauer
The psaltery is a medieval zither. The metal strings of the Instrument used are made of bronze according to historic sources. Compared to steel strings the sound is rather bell-like.
The strings are normally plucked with a plectrum oder the fingernails.

The picture shows a Psaltery of the 14th century from the book: De Arythmetica, De Musica by M. Servinius Boetius.

The picture shows how the instrument is typically held: before the chest with the hands under the curves

sounds Range PC and Bank No. Comments
Psalter Schalloch C5 - C7 (60-84) Program 107 Bank 1 strings plucked in the center angezupft. the sound is more mellow
Psalter Steg Program 107 Bank 2 plucking the strings near the bridge results in a slightly sharper sound.
Psalter Crossfade Program 107 Bank 3 Velocity Crossfade of the two patches above
Psalter geschlagen Program 16 Bank 3 to achive the sound of a small, typical medieval dulcimer the strings were beaten with a dulcimer mallet.
Demos :
Not Nonesuch
  psaltery beaten