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Dulcimer- Andreas Sumerauer
The dulcimer is a very old instrument. Originating from Persia it was already in very early times well known in the whole of Europe, in the Islamic world, in the Far East and also in China.
The dulcimer was introduced so early that every culture considered the instrument an indigenous invention. But it is in fact a piece of shared cultural heritage throughout the old world.
The strings are usually beaten with small wooden mallets. It is also often plucked with a plectrum or with the quill of a goose feather.
The modern instrument is bigger than its medieval predecessor and uses more strings (up to five) for each note. This results in a wider tonal range, enhanced resonance and a fuller tone. A more modest and historic Dulcimer sound has the beaten Psaltery.

Hackbrett from 
Virdung, Musica getutscht, 1511

Sounds Range PC and Bank No. Comments
Hackbrett geschlagen F3 - D6 (53-86) Program 16 - Bank 1 strings beaten with wooden mallets
Hackbrett gezupft Program 16 - Bank 2 strings plucked with a plectrum
Demos :
Alien Ska
  this musical example uses the sound of the beaten dulcimer
  This Demo was produced with a Multisound Pinnacle soundcard from Turtle Beach.
It uses the plucked dulcimer Patch which has a slightly softer tone than the hammered one.