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Early Patches Percussion Instruments
Riq- Hand Drum , Egypt
The metal plates of the Riq are made of brass, they are quite flat compared to a normal tambourine.
So they do not have a long sustain when clinging together. This enables fast and accentuated playing.
Sounds Range Comments
Riq Roll1 C5 (60) the instrument is shaken.
Roll2 D5 (62)
Drop E5 (64) the instrument drops onto the middle finger of the left hand, that touches the center of the skin.
Mute/Slap F5 (65) velocity controlled crossfade between mute and slap.
Center G5 (67) beat near the center of the skin
Rim A5 (69) beat on the rim of the skin
Zill1 H5 (71) a slight beat on one of the bells.
Zill2 C#6 (73)
Instrument Program change and Bank No.
Riq Program 117 - Bank 1
Riq gate Program 117 - Bank 2
Wav files of all the beats can be found in the folder:
Percussion Waves\Riq
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