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Early Patches String Instruments
Nyckelharpa-  Sweden

The Nyckelharpa is a Scandinavian Instrument. The gut strings are played with a bow
The pitch is not changed by fingering the strings on the neck of the instrument. The strings run through a box similar to the hurdy gurdy. there is a slider for each note that gets pressed against the string.
Another special feature of the instrument are its sympathetic strings. these metal strings are not played directly. their vibration is induced by the sound of the gut strings.
Sounds Range PC and Bank No. Comments
Nyckelharpa G3 - F6 (43-77) Program 41 Bank 1 The soundfont contains three presets:
One easy to use harpa with sympthetic strings.
Second the harpa without those and third the sympthetic strings alone. This enables You to fine tweak the balance between the harpa and the string reverberation as I did in the first demo.
Nyckelharpa Dry Program 41 Bank 2
Sympathetic Program 41 Bank 3
Demos :
A single Phrase - Nyckelharpa solo
  Also this is nothing but the recording of a midi sequence, that has been instrumented with my Soundfont!
An unaccompaigned solo gives You a good impression of the instruments characteristical tone. Of course it is also the best proof of the quality for the patch.
Not Nonesuch
  the harpa is here only used as a filler. It just double the voice of the alto recorder one octave lower.