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This version of the library is delivered as an Akai S2000 sampler CD-Image.

The Akai-format is a bit difficult to access because it gives no informations about the size of  volumes and programs. This makes it sometimes impossible to know in advance if a given combination of patches will fit into the Sampler memory.
I have here included these informations in the following pages. 

A :[Strings 1]

B:[Strings 2]

C:[Strings 3]




Just click on the Partition name to find a complete list of the Programs .

You will also find links to the instrument pages. Click on a program name to find a description of the instrument together with informations about the sampled range. I have also included some important editorial notes for most of the patches

Note:  BG or BIG  in a programs name indicates that the patch uses the natural decay of the original sound. SML or SMAL : The samples here have been trimmed and looped to save Sample memory.