OBBO downloads
Thanks for downloading OBBO. Please be aware that OBBO is still in beta stage. OBBO has not yet been extensively tested with different computer configurations.

Download the OBBO v0.9beta installer here

Let us know what you think about OBBO. Send us your comments, ideas and suggestions. 
If you should find any strange behaviour when using the program or maybe just a typo in the help file then please help us to put that right and send a bug report. 

Please write to andreas@soundbytes.de


0.900b:  initial public beta release
10-08-05 v0.901b: replaced obbo.exe with an elder and more thoroughly tested version.
10-10-05 v0.902b: fixed bug that could cause severe crashes and freezes with several multi track VST hosts. First steps chapter added to the handbook.
10-11-05 v0.903b: Fixes for the Cubase Mixer:  OBBO has now a stereo output instead of dual mono. Cubase mixer channel strip is now correctly labeled as OBBO.
10-18-05 v0.904b: fixed bug that could lead to garbled noise and/or no sound output with a number of VST hosts. Modified the amplitude response to continous controller.

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