HurdyGurdy - limited edition



The HurdyGurdyLE is a feature reduced free version of our HurdyGurdy VST instrument.

Check the comparison table to find out which version is right for you.

comparison table HurdyGurdyLE HurdyGurdy
playable range A2 ... D4 F2 ... C5
attack noise volume fixed velocity sensitive and
adjustable via panel
available tunings three fixed tunings all voices can be tuned independently
fine tuning of drones and trompette no yes
timbre shift no yes
trompette controler invert and threshold adjust no yes
trompette control via key range no yes
separate stereo output for drones and trompette (selectable) no yes
StringVerb fx section no yes
StringVerb VST plugin no included
MIDI output no yes
price free order
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