HurdyGurdy - downloads
hurdy_stringverb.png Thanks for downloading the Soundbytes HurdyGurdy.

The installer includes both the demo version of our HurdyGurdy VST instrument and the full version of our free HurdyGurdyLE

Download the installer here:
HurdyGurdy-1.1-install.exe (6.7MB)

While You download please read this important information:

After running the installer you will find three new VST plugins on your computer:
  • The HurdyGurdy VST synthesizer
  • The StringVerb VST effect.
    (the StringVerb is also available as an effect section inside the HurdyGurdy synthesizer.)

Please note that purchase of a license key is required to unlock the plugins for permanent use. The HurdyGurdy and the StringVerb will run in Demo mode until authorized.

  • The HurdyGurdyLE VST synthesizer  Free!

The HurdyGurdyLE is a feature reduced version of our HurdyGurdy synthesizer. You may use it for free for your music under any circumstances but it requires a personalized license to be fully functional.

This is a hanging note, isn't it?

  • When You start to play the instrument you will encounter a hanging note. The sound goes on and on even after the key has been released. This is by no means an error but instead an important feature of the synthesizer. 
  • Please read the What is the HurdyGurdy?  chapter on the starting page to learn why the instrument has been designed this special way.
  • Then turn to the first steps guide. Here You can read how the synthesizer is turned off again. 
    (it might be wise to do that before you start to play the instrument!)
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