Here is a Screenshot of the Main Window of the Program. You can click on any Part of the Window that seems interesting to You. and hopefully You will find some Informations then. You can always get back to a previous view by clicking the close butten of the Window currently displayed.
If nothing shows up there are two possible reasons:
VL-synthesis is not yet very well documented, Of course I am trying to use any reachable source of information in putting the guide together but there are still a lot of secrets. Many Parameters of the VL-70 m are accessable now through the Windows ExEd.but they are only scarsely documented. This is only a very early version of the guide and I think it will continiue to grow.
It could also just as well be that the function is not yet implemented in the program. This Software is not made by a big company but by some enthusiasts who besides their work on this project have to make a living. So this is still a work in progress.