Welcome to the Hitchhikers Guide to the Windows Expert Editor for the VL-70 m.

VA synthesis is still a very new branch of soundcreation. I hope that this guide will lead more people to use this stunning new technologie.

The Windows Expert Editor was created by David A. Rice and Aaron Michael with help from members of the Wind controller list.

Many important informations given in this guide were taken from Manny Fernandez "Guide to VL-Programming Guide and Tutorial" (Yamaha Corporation of America Copyright 1996Version 1.0)

Not all the Paramaters are covered yet.
With new Information becoming available and also with new releases of the Windows Expert Editor. There will be also enhanced versions of this document.

Sources of Information will be my own experience but mainly the discussions in the Wind List and Your input.
If You happen to know something important that is not yet mentioned here or if You find a mistake or broken link somewhere please do not hesitate to send me a mail.