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BagPipes panel BagPipes

Soundbytes BagPipes - der VST Dudelsack mit sechs unterschiedlichen Sackpfeifen aus verschiedenen Europäischen Traditionen.

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HurdyGurdy panel HurdyGurdy

The Soundbytes HurdyGurdy is a sample based VST synthesizer for the windows platform. It faithfully recreates the sound and playing technique of the ancient Hurdy Gurdy.

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Sympathizer panel Sympathizer

The Soundbytes Sympathizer is a new and versatile audio effect. It is based on a tunable comb filter bank and extends the concept to further explore this very specific and rewarding domain of sound creation.

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The monophonic Soundbytes OBBO Synthesizer offers a new way to creating a realistic emulation of the sound of the classical oboe.
OBBO is capable of delivering the natural timbre and a flexible tone throughout the entire pitch range and dynamic scope of the original instrument. mehr ...

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