historical tunings with sync modular

The Soundbytes Tuning Table:


This little gadget enables playing in several historic or ethnic tunings.


  • [OnFreq],[OnKey]


  • [F] - The new frequeny.


  • The twelve knobs layed out in the pattern of a piano keyboard control the detuning of the respective notes in the range of -100 ... 100 Cent.
  • [Octave Stretch] - Some historic tunings use a sharp octave. This knob allows input of the octave detuning.
  • [Transp] - Transposes the Frequency in a range of -36 ... 36 semitones.
  • [Tune] - Global tuning
  • [Shift] - The shift knob can be used if You want to start the Scale with another key than C. Set Shift to 5 if You want to start the scale at F which is 5 semitones up from C.
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