sync modular
At first sight SynC Modular is a modular Softsynthesizer. But there is a bit more to it. With this Program You don't just get the usual set of modules like Oscillators, Filters, LFO's and Envelopes. The environment features also some elementary low level functions like [+], [-], [*], [/], [abs], [Z^-1], ...

This is why I see the program rather as a DSP-Laboratory or a specialized programming language with a nifty graphical user interface.
Even the most sophisticated modules that come with the program are in fact built out of the basic functions I have mentioned above. This allows to easily modify their behavior. Further more one could use the Program as an interactive DSP learning course. You can open up any module and by carefully analyzing its content and by tweaking the parameters You will learn in a very practical way how everything works.

Where can I get the Program ?

To use the Modules and Patches from this Site You need to install SynC Modular on Your Computer.
The SynC Modular Homepage is here:
This site features also a comprehensive link list to other Sync Modular related sites and ressources.
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