soundbytes signal shapers

The Signal shaper Package includes:

  • The Sator
  • The Bi Curve
  • A tiny electrical piano that demonstrates how these versatile tools can be used.

Soundbytes Sator

A Shaper that executes a Saturation like compression on the signal Equaly useful as a

  • waveshaper for amplitude modulation
  • As Distortion Effect,
  • for Midi controller scaling,
  • or to compress a Signal.


  • [Range] - Sets the maximum output.
  • [Split Pt] - The signal below the break point remaines untouched while Amplitudes above the threshold are compressed.
    Note: The Split point position is relative to the Range parameter.
    (SplitAmplitude = SplitPt * Range)

Soundbytes Bi Curve

A Signal Shaper consisting of two parabolic parts. The lower portion has a negative curve while the upper curve is positive.
Very useful for Velocity or Midi Controller scaling. The curve can be blended into a straight line (x=y). Range(0 ... 1)


  • [Turn Pt] - Turning point. split point between lower and upper segment. (0.0001 ... 0.9999)
  • [Lin/Curve] - Blends between linear and curved shape.
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