soundbytes relativist

Have You ever wished to get rid of these nasty jumps in parameter values that occur when the physical midifaders have gone out of touch with the current parameter settings?
Then this macro is for You. Use it to translate absolute fader movements into relative parameter changes and say goodbye to jumping parameter values!


  • [Clock] - Trigger Clock input. The trigger clock frequency determines how fast the parameter is faded further up or down after the physical fader has reached its boundary. Use the Trigger Clock Macro as signal input.


  • [Rel] - Relative parameter value.


  • [] - Initial Value. This knob has to be set to the currently displayed value before a preset can be stored.


  • [Parameter Name] - displays the current parameter value. When using the Relativist assign the parameter name to this module.



Replace Your midified controllers with this Macro. Only one Trigger Clock is needed for all midi controls. That is why it has been made an extra macro. Please note that the panel Knob must not be assigned to a midicontroller. Use the invisible control inside the Macro instead. Upon synth reset or recall of a preset the macro is initialized with the value of the panel fader. The Midifader can then be used to change the parameter value in a relative mode.


Before storing a preset it is necessary to update the Init knob manually with the currently displayed value. Otherwise a wrong value will be used when the preset is recalled.

Fade Up/Down

Parameter values are further increased/decreased after the physical fader has reached its boundary. The fading speed is determined by the trigger clock frequency. Please note that the physical fader has to be moved with a certain speed to activate the feature. Move the physical fader slightly away from the extreme position to stop fading.

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