Modular Inventions

Here in the modular section You will find instruments and macros for the modular software synthesizers NI Reaktor,   SynC Modular and now also for Pure Data.
You are invited to download the modules and synthesizers and to use them in your music; You could as well take them apart and create your own ensembles. All You are asked for is to keep the copyright notice and the link to this site intact.

Synthesizers and Effects

Load and Play.

  • Sympathizer The string reverb effect is now also available for Reaktor users.
  • Pluck My first Synthesizer that utilizes the new no latency-signal chain in Reaktor 4. This synth was created for the workshop series that I am writing for the german magazine Keyboards. 
  • pd_pluckstring: A plucked string emulation using the Pure Data working environment 
  • PM Flute This Physical Modelling Flute is an enhanced version of Perry Cooks famous model (SynC Modular).
  • PM Woodwind A further development of the PM_Flute model. Reaktor goes Waveguide! (Reaktor 3) 
  • String Ensemble A very realistic string ensemble. There are two versions available for Sync Modular and Reaktor 3. (note: a new version of this synth is coming soon) 
  • KrossMod This small synth is an Etude in cross modulation (SynC Modular).
  • Drooones b1a A plucked Drone instrument. My first step towards emulating an indian tambura (SynC Modular).
    Here is a demo -  DrooonesDemo.mp3 (There is no need to download it if You have SyncModular installed. In that case better load the much smaller ensemble file and let Sync Modular play along.)
  • Updated: Drooones b1d. Added a Tambura like buzz to the strings.
  • KS_Symp7 A Virtual String Instrument based on the Karplus Strong Algorithm (SynC Modular). 
  • Octagon This synthesizer is based on the priciples of the finite element method (SynC Modular). 
  • SynCpole This effect combines an envelope controlled filter with a saturated delay. If You know the Northpole VST-plugin then You will love the SynCpole. Thanks to Stefan Sprenger for the inspiration. Wanna know how it sounds? Here is some SynCpole musik
  • Sympathizer This innovative effect is similar to what You hear when You sing or play into an undamped string instrument like Harp or Dulcimer.


Use these as building blocks for your own synthesizer creations.

  • Cookbook Lowpass A Low Pass filter. This Filter is brought to You directly from Robert Bristow-Johnsons fabulous Filter Kitchen. The Filter Cookbook is part of the Music-DSP Source Code Archive.
  • A Tuning Table This little gadget enables playing in several historic or ethnic tunings.
  • Limiter A CPU friendly dynamics processor.
  • This Limiter is very useful for the development and testing of sythesizers. Simply insert it into the signal path to get rid of any signal overload. 
  • Relativist Have You ever wished to get rid of these nasty jumps in parameter values that occur when the physical midifaders have gone out of touch with the current parameter settings? Then the Relativist is what You need. 
  • Signal shapers some more useful Nuts and Bolts for the SynC Modular
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