Limiter and Stereo Limiter

A CPU friendly dynamics processor.
This Limiter is very useful for the development and testing of sythesizers. Simply insert it into the signal path to get rid of any signal overload. The displays give full information about the signal level while the output is reduced to a useful range.


  • [In] - Signal to be processed


  • [Out] - processed signal


  • [Release] - Duration of the (linear) release phase
  • [Threshold] - the threshold, what else. ;-)
  • [Mute Level] - The output is switched off when the signal amplitude exceeds the Mute Level. It is activated again upon Synth reset (F2).
  • [Soft, Hard] - Selects limiter attack behaviour. To avoid overflow it is necessary to leave some headroom or use the prefetch parameter when the soft limiting option is selected.
  • [Prefetch] - this delays the signal so that the limiter 'knows' in advance when peaks occur. This parameter obviousely increases latency. It is still very useful for rendering Miditracks.


  • [In] - Input signal
  • [Comp] - Gain reduction level (-60dB ... 60dB)
  • [Env Level] - Envelope level (-60dB ... 60dB)
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