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Since VST and DX have conquered the scene it has been almost forgotten that Cool Edit was in fact the first windows program that provided a powerful and open proprietary plugin format. There are still a number of gems to discover among the third party plugins. Some of them are even free. 

Please Note: Some of the links on this page are broken. If You happen to know an alternative (legal!) download location for one of the the missing pieces then please let me know. Thanks!

Cool Edit Effect Plugins

  • Syntrillium - The creators the of Cool Edit software have also a whole bunch of plugins for Cool Edit 2000 on offer. The DX Plugin wrapper is a great freebie that shouldn't be missed.
  • Rene G. Ceballos - the brilliant Author of the famous RGC-Audio Softsynthesizers Triangle and Pentagon created a number of fine Cool edit plugins before he then turned to synth development. Most of these are even free.
  • Aurora - which is italian for the morning sun - is a truely remarkable software package by Angelo Farina: The suite of 18 plugins allows in depth measurement and manipulation of room acoustic impulse response, for the recreation of audible, three-dimensional simulations of the space. shareware
  • 4ORMULATOR Vocoder Plugin. shareware
  • ClickFix click and pop filter for Cool Edit. shareware
  • Declick 2000. Free now
  • Do Line - Find Click - DeClip . This is yet another free audio restauration package. The page contains also a short introduction to writing your own Cool Edit plugins.
  • Pan handler. Surround mixing plugin. commercial software
  • SciFi Deluxe - These funny shareware plugins were unavailable for a while. Luckily I managed to find a download site that still has the package. If You manage to get in contact with the author then please let me know. The original website has disappeared for a while. shareware
  • Pyramide Data - High Com NR decoder plugin and Beat Counter plugin. shareware

Cool Edit Import/Export filters

  • Monkey's Audio - a fast and powerful lossless audio compressor. the package includes a Cool edit import/export filter. free
  • James Chapman has created two fine Cool edit extensions: File filters for the Ogg Vorbis and for the Windows Media Audio 9 format. free
  • Peter Palowskis Import/Export filters by : Lame Cool Edit Filter and Ogg Vorbis Cooledit Filter complete with sources. Free
  • Audio Box - QDesign MPEG filter for Cool Edit. commercial software
  • By adding PAF.FLT to your Cool Edit installation you add the ability to read and write files created by the Ensoniq Paris digital recording system, files with the PAF extension. free
  • SyneRyder - This plugin file filter lets you edit Impulse Tracker format ITS sample files directly in Cool Edit. free
  • APT-X file format encoding and decoding. commercial software
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