sympathizer - pitch list


The Sympathizer Resonators tuning information can be imported and exported as a text file.
Although we do recommend the VST fxp and fxp formats to store Sympathizer presets the pitch list feature can still be helpful in several ways. Using pitch lists you can ...
  • quickly change the tuning of the resonators without touching the knob settings.
  • exchange pitch lists between the Sympathizer and the Soundbytes StringVerb VST plugin.
  • use a text editor or a spread sheet application to create and modify your pitch lists. This can be very handy when you are working with ethnic, experimental or historical tunings


The following example shows a number of valid pitch descriptions:
220 Hz 
326.435694 Hz 

This is the same list with some explanations added:
// Example tuning table for the Soundbytes Stringverb
// <- write comments behind double slashes.

69       // This is a midi note number: 69 = A3 = 440 Hz

48.5     // The fractional part of a decimal point number
         // will be treated as fine tune information 
         // (given as fraction of a semitone: 0.5 equals 50 cent)
60,33   // if your keybord prints a comma instead of the 
         // decimal point you can safely leave it in place.

e2       // the pitch description can also be a note name 
         // (not case sensitive)

G3.25    // combine a note name with a decimal 
         // point to include fine tuning information

220 Hz   // if you prefer to insert the pitch description 
         // as a frequency value put the designator 'Hz'
         // behind the numerical value.

skip         // when the keyword 'skip' is detected one resonator
             // pitch will not be replaced but is skipped instead.
skip bank    // insert the keyword 'skip bank' to skip an entire 
             // bank of seven resonators.

326.435694 Hz         // use the pitch list to insert values 
         // with higher accuracy than available through the
         // panel interface.

// NOTES: 
// The Sympathizer pitch list is a simple text file with 28 pitch 
// descriptions each in a row that describe the resonator pitches.
// If less than 28 descriptions are found the pitch list 
// import will break off with an error message.
// If there are more than 28 desriptions in the list only the 
// first 28 will be used.

Importing Stringverb Pitch descriptions


The StringVerb comes as part of the Soundbytes HurdyGurdy package. It is a smaller sympathetic reverb and has only one single bank of seven resonators.

When a StringVerb Pitch description is imported into the Sympathizer all four Sympathizer banks are overwritten with the pitch description of the StringVerb resonator bank.