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The fxbLoader allows to load vst preset banks within the V-Machine and the VFX host software that do not offer this functionality.

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The Software consists of two modules:


This configuration utility is used to add or remove the fxbLoader to or from any plugin in a chosen VFX-Library.


Once the fxbLoader has been added to a plugin it will load a preselected fxb preset bank into the plugin as soon as the plugin is opened in the V-Machine or the VFX VST host software.
A dialog is available that allows to import fxb preset banks and to select the fxb bank to be loaded on startup

System Requirements:

  • OS: windows XP, Vista, windows 7
  • VFX: version 2


If you use the program on a Vista or winXP system you might need to install the Microsoft Visual C++ 2010 Redistributable Package (x86) which is available from

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